The easiest way to manage and grow your business from anywhere. 
  • Save contact information for all contacts such as customers, vendors, employees, potential customers and more.
  • Send pre-formatted and custom emails and letters to any contact and to multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • Register multiple sales with line items for each contact.
  • Create, print, and store invoices for every sale.
  • Record payments done for each sale.
  • Keep track of activity and communications with each contact.
  • Run catalog of company products and services.
  • Register multiple expenses with expense line items for each contact.
  • Create and print purchase orders for expenses.
  • Close and reconcile purchase orders when products and/or services are received and paid.
  • Repeat previously recorder sales and expenses for the same and different contacts.
  • Run many reports for sales, expenses, payments, expense payments, referrals, commissions, profit/loss, taxes, and more.
  • Individual list of "Things To Do".
  • Real-time account status reporting to view all payment and referral activity.
  • Company profile administration for company configuration maintenance.
  • Associate sales and expenses to multiple locations and employees.
  • Quick one step account setup process.
  • We backup the sites on a daily basis to a RAID V system. That system is then backed up to tape and a remote copy is done daily as well.
  • 128-bit Data encription is available for maximum security.
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    Access Information Anywhere
    Facilitate Communications
    Manage Multiple Locations
    Measure Marketing Strategies
    No Software Licensing
    No Software Installation
    No Software Upgrading
    Unlimited Users
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    "Very easy to work with."

    "I can manage my business from anywhere"

    " has made starting my business and making it profitable very easy and fast."

    "Now all my employees can communicate customer's information instantly within the office and from any remote location."

    "I can get daily sales reports from all my locations without having to travel."

    "I save so much time and I am on top of everything all the time, anytime, and from anywhere."

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